NYC Pandeiro Academy

NYC Pandeiro Academy

Weekly Classes | taught by Scott Kettner
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Scott Kettner
Scott Kettner
Drummer, Percussionist & Educator

About the instructor

When Scott Kettner looks at a map, he sees a direct line that connects the rivers of northeastern Brazil to the parishes of New Orleans and the streets of Brooklyn. A master percussionist, bandleader, producer and songwriter, Kettner is the guiding force behind Nation Beat, a band whose teeming, vibrant rhythms find common ground in the primal maracatu rhythm of Brazil’s northeastern region, the Big Easy’s funky, hypnotic second-line and strolling Mardi Gras Indians, and the unfettered freedom of big-city downtown jazz.

This course is for members of the NYC Pandeiro Academy.  Weekly practice routines and grooves will be added to supplement class materials.

Course Contents

15 Videos
1 Text