How to play maracatu on drum set with Scott Kettner.

Maracatu for Drum Set

Learn Over 30 New Grooves | taught by Scott Kettner
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Scott Kettner
Scott Kettner
Drummer, Percussionist & Educator

About the instructor

When Scott Kettner looks at a map, he sees a direct line that connects the rivers of northeastern Brazil to the parishes of New Orleans and the streets of Brooklyn. A master percussionist, bandleader, producer and songwriter, Kettner is the guiding force behind Nation Beat, a band whose teeming, vibrant rhythms find common ground in the primal maracatu rhythm of Brazil’s northeastern region, the Big Easy’s funky, hypnotic second-line and strolling Mardi Gras Indians, and the unfettered freedom of big-city downtown jazz.

Welcome to the Maracatu for Drumset course. If you’re a drummer just starting to play maracatu on the kit or wish to bring your drumming to the next level while learning a rhythm from Brazil, this is a great place to start.

In this course we’ll learn to orchestrate many of the maracatu rhythms to the drum set while we explore different swing feels, sticking patterns and variations.  We’ll accomplish complicated hand foot coordination exercises and learn over 30 new grooves. We’ll also develop our own original ideas by morphing maracatu with rhythms from New Orleans.  A lot of this material comes from my book Maracatu for Drumset and Percussion and is designed to challenge drummers of all levels.

Learn Over 30 New Grooves

"His drumming seamlessly blends that Louisiana second-line sound with a Brazil-ified backbeat."

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Welcome to the Maracatu Drum Set course!